Behind the scenes

Time is the longest distance between two places.
— Tennessee Williams (The glass Menagerie)

This is by no means a comprehensive list. It will continue to grow over the coming weeks...

Irwin Rosenblum - Writer

Irwin is a Sacramento native, where he lives with his wife, his daughter, one smart, and one very dumb cat. Irwin is a software manager by trade and playwright by passion. Irwin’s short play, Adorable Doris, was selected for production at Weathervane Theater’s “8x10” festival in Akron, OH. Recently, he directed his short Sumpin’ For Breakfast at Theater One. Family Cabins is his first full-length production. Irwin earned his B.S. in Engineering from the University of California and his M.S. in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California.

Leo McElroy - Director

After a long career as a network newsman (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS), Leo McElroy returned to his early love of the theater and has acted in, written, and/or directed some two dozen plays in the Sacramento area in the last ten years.  He is the winner of two Elly Awards (HomecomingEchoes In The Heart) and six Elly nominations for Best New Play.  He has appeared in plays at Big Idea Theater, Chautauqua, and Nevada City, and is a founding member of Sacramento Playwrights Collaborative.  His most-noticed film role was as the befuddled reporter who makes life miserable for Albert Brooks and Charles Grodin in Paramount’s Real Life.

David Valpreda & Cecilia Walsh - Lighting and Sound Design

Chris Farrell & Dan Lowe - Original Music

Chelsea Kopp - Set Painting

Steve O'Donnell - Poster and Digital Art

Reese Farrell - Graphic Design

Abby Rosenblum - Original Set Pieces

Lily Rosenblum - Props

Carolyn Duty - Concessions

Special thanks to: Abby Rosenblum, Lily Rosenblum, Elise Hodge, Colin Hacker, Sacramento Playwrights Collaborative, Mike Grace, Peter Neumann, Howe Avenue Park Board of Directors, David Bain, Diane Mintz, Joanna Jurgens, Erik Finnerty and Fat Cat Scones, Robert Neeley, Chris Borasi, Michael Walker and the Mission Theater.